Tell the computer to do cool things

Visual programming is easily understood and fun to do


for kids any age
Less cost,
share projects any time
Broader projects,
with different use
Projects link to topics
like math, science and
many other subjects specific
for skill or class level.


IXP fun programming is about:

Interesting programming projects Skill level specific
Playful linking different levels of math science and other topics to programming

Usable software online
Projects can be shown and shared with friends and family members online

Purely visual pure fun


What we do different compared to robots and figure movement programming are:


IXP fun programming projects turn into online software and can be shared without additional
cost with friends and family - unlike robots in general, which can not be taken home and cost
a few hundred dollars each.


IXP fun programming is the perfect continuation of figure based environments. Figure based
environments are graphical programming environments that are centric around the user
interface(GUI) elements like cats frogs and other figures. IXP easy programming covers GUI,
algorithms and things like database and email servers. IXP easy programming is the perfect
continuation of figure based environments.


SMS Software

Create your own chat software to send messages between you and your friend(s) using the stuff you made.

From your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Shopping list Software

This way you will not forget what you really wanted to purchase once you are in the store.

You can share your shopping list with your family and friends too.


Create your own calculator with your very personal functions

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